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 Sponsorship is about giving children a chance to grow up healthy, educated and safe.  As a sponsor forever impact a child's life and their future, it may change their lives as well.   

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                                       Our Child Sponsorship Program:

  • Church Based, which is our foundation. Psalms 113: 17, God raises the poor from the dirt, and lifts up the needy from the garbage pile, 8: to seat them with nobles, with the princes of His people...".  Christ Is First.  We provide very child in our program the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.

  • Each Child Matters, therefore we provide unique method to the needs of each child individually.  We find sponsors, like you, full with love, vision and a call to help.  

  • Our goal is to provide them with life necessities like food, First Aid Care, and an educational opportunity.  Your generous donation of only $25 a month, provides:

  • Warm place with food

  • Education

  • Health Care & Social Services

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We are always looking for someone like you to open your heart and help sponsor a child by providing only $25 a monthly or a once a year donation to sponsor a child.  


Choose To Sponsor A Child Haiti A Boy, or a Girl. 

CHILDREN WITH DIGNITY will provide all sponsors with an in-depth child’s profile: a yearly letter from the child, a school report, a picture and a small token to thank you for joining your hearts with theirs. 

Children with Dignity seeks to enhance the lives of impoverished children by primarily matching a child with a sponsor, which helps provide a child's basic life survivals, a good education, associate with other services, in order to foster and promote a self identity and dignity in each child.   


Give a child hope & a better future.  SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY!

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