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CHILDREN WITH DIGNITY FOUNDATION INC.  is a non governmental organization which aims to empower the children through , services, advocacies and human rights. It is legally recognized by the New York State Department as a non-profit charity and was determined as a 501c3, by the U.S Federal. Our goal is to bring physiology, emotionally, and socially, need to children that are deprived of these basic life necessities.

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On September, 17, 2015, CHILDREN WITH DIGNITY  (CWD), a non profit organization, was officially launched, although, it has been working in the background for the last three years, prior. Currently, CWD supports quality of education and protect the human right of every child. All children earn the right to be loved, nurtured, and valued; as well as to a basic education. children can individually express their talents and where they are socially and emotionally safe.


CWD believes that all individuals, in all parts of the world, everywhere in the world, have the right to a dignified life. A right to be educated, free from hunger, abuse, and human rights violations.


  • LOVE: Actions, through a response, rather than emotions  show love to someone in need.

  • DIGNITY:  A quality of being worthy of honor or respect.

  • HOPE:  Encourages the soul and without hope, life loses its meaning.



The founder, Ms. Douyon, Renee, understand the cause that she is very passionate about, especially, because, she was born in Haiti.

Ms. Douyon, is an educator, who came to the United States when she was 15 years old. She loved school and was persistent in achieving the maximum level of education.  


As she was on her way out from Long Island University, Ms. Douyon found out about The United Nations Program, although, she had already pursued her Master in Public Administration and Public Policy. 

Some of her experiences consisted of working,  for the New York City Administration of Children Services, Department of Education, where she completed her internship as School Principal, working as the President of Children's Church, and not to mentioned traveling internationally as the Founder of Children With Dignity Foundation, Inc.


"I feel most fulfilled being in the presence of God which empowers me to be passionate about helping one child at a time". Children with Dignity was birthed during her internship as she was on a school assignment, visiting one of the Bateys, in San Pedro, Dominican Republic, where the illegals Haitians resides and works. This was where Ms. Douyon witnessed how her fellow Haitians  lived in utter despair as if they no longer had a life of their own. In witnessing firsthand such devastation and hopelessness, Ms. Douyon directed her efforts towards the cause of helping and aiding.


Ms. Douyon'  achievements and hard-work throughout her life came neatly woven together to enable her to run CWDF effectively. 

 “I truly believe that as an adult, it is our responsibility to maintain and support the right and the dignity of all children, especially the vulnerable ones. We as adults, need to open up our hearts to the plight of these helpless children in such a way that can touch and make an impact in a child’s life. It is also my belief that I cannot do it alone but together we can make a huge difference.”

Ms. Douyon applied the learning from her degree at LIU to diminish the suffering of other human beings with CHILDREN WITH DIGNITY FOUNDATION INC. She is very passionate about helping children of Haitian descent with education, awareness, and the topical issue of the Haitian immigration crisis in the Dominican Republic.


A dream was born when a post-graduate student at Long Island University went on an internship in the Dominican Republic. Visiting several Non- Governmental Organizations, helping the Haitians living in San Pedro, Ms. Renee Douyon witnessed these undocumented immigrants still struggling though a huge poverty crisis!

Fighting off centuries of government corruption, colonization, racial tension, and color discrimination that only resulted in deep wounds, Haitians were unable to get legal jobs, enjoy legal protections and privileges and yet found themselves in critical conditions leading to unsustainable situations for a dignified life. Right then and there, Ms. Douyon dreamt of a world for them. A world where these Haitians, her fellow brothers and sisters, could exercise their basic rights, enjoy the blessings of God and live with prestige and dignity. That’s how CHILDREN WITH DIGNITY was born!

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